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Internet chat

We have not yet attempted to hold a proper online Awareness group. These 'chat' channels are still experimental, and are likely to be empty at any given time. Join the e-mail list for more details about when it may be in use.

How to use:

  1. Wait for this page to finish loading, and the grey square below to show a form.
  2. You may see two 'security warning' boxes asking if you wish to download and run the software components. You need to click 'Yes' to give authorisation because these components (Java applets) access the internet.
  3. Enter a nickname. Many obvious nicknames are taken, so choose something distinctive. (You can change it later, typing '/nick newname')
  4. Enter any other details you think fit and click OK.
  5. Should it refuse connection for any reason click 'Cancel', 'Status', and then change server.

The following is a simpler, alternative client. Again you need to choose a nickname and click 'connect'.

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